Kuwaiti ARABIAN LAHAM MANDI – Goat Biryani & GRAND MOSQUE Tour | Kuwait City, Kuwait

With my second and final day in Kuwait in full swing, I wanted to make sure I packed as many activities into the day as possible before my flight home. Come along with me as I try the Kuwaiti and Arabian version of goat biryani and go on a Grand Mosque tour in Kuwait City, Kuwait!

Local Tour Kuwait:

My afternoon kicked off at an amazing spot that sells Kuwaiti and Yemeni cuisine! You take off your shoes, sit on the floor to eat, and they put down a plastic sheet for to cover the floor.

We ordered a basmati rice dish with goat meat and crispy onions called laham mandi. It came with tomatoes and a gazpacho-like tomato sauce with on the side. After you mix everything in, you go in with one hand and go to town! It was so fresh and juicy! I loved the fresh meat and the onions gave it a really nice twist. I tried it with a little of the tomato sauce, which had some heat to it! I loved how spicy it was! I could eat the whole plate. It was too good! Hands down, it was my favorite dish in Kuwait so far.

I also had a milk drink with mint, which tasted kind of like buttermilk. Afterward, I chatted with a fan from Kerala! Then, we headed to a traditional shisha café in the center of the city. The shisha was good, but I got a little lightheaded because I never smoke! It was stronger than the one I’d had the day before. It was so strong, I had to pass out for ten minutes afterward!

Back outside, we passed by old buildings in the center of the city on our way to an old mall to find a Kuwaiti map. It was nice and air-conditioned, which I needed after my head spinning from the shisha!

Only a handful of the shops in the mall were open. It was basically empty. None of the stores had a map, so we continued on to the Grand Mosque of Kuwait.

The Grand Mosque was built from 1979 to 1986. It’s the largest and official mosque of Kuwait and spans 45,000 square meters. The building itself is 20,000 square meters and has teak wood doors. There are also 144 windows. It was sunset, so it was golden hour. I hoped we’d be able to go inside!

The mosque was huge! I took off my shoes and we went inside. A couple of countries provided materials for the mosque. Egypt provided carpets and Italian marble covers the walls. There are also Moroccan mosaics and gypsum in the flowery geometric art around the doors. The stained glass windows came from France, while the crystal chandeliers came from Germany.

Free tours take place at the Grand Mosque every half hour between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. My guide, Aziz, explained that there’s a main prayer hall and a small prayer hall at the back. Roughly 50,000 people can fit inside the mosque. The main hall can fit 10,000 people, and the women’s hall fits 500. No man can enter that hall. Every Ramadan and every Friday, people use the main hall. It’s such a beautiful mosque.

In the main hall is a niche that amplifies the voice of the imam and indicates the direction of the prayer to the worshippers. After visiting the niche and listening to the echo of our claps, Yousef and I headed through a door and up some stairs to go up to the pulpit, where the imam gives his Friday speech before the prayer. You can see the entire hall from the pulpit!

There, you can also see a 30-year-old copy of a 1,400-year-old religious book from Turkey. It was fascinating to hear the story behind it!

If you’d like to explore Kuwait, I recommend hiring Local Tour Kuwait to show you around!

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