First Impressions BAGHDAD IRAQ 🇮🇶أولى الإنطباعات في بغداد العراق

Today is the first full day where we explore Baghdad Iraq. I share with you my first impressions of Baghdad Iraq and some moments as we try some food, visit some markets, meet some locals and so much more. with my friend @Travel with Luke Damant.

This is 1 video of the 13 videos from my Youtube vlog series about my time in Iraq, you can find the entire playlist of videos here:

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43 Bình luận

  1. You're welcome here, bro ❤️

  2. احلى شي من العصفور غرك على راسه متت ضحك همزين لابس شفقة

  3. ضياء ناصر العبودي ابو محمد

    نحن نفرح في هذا يقولون حظ سعيد ضرك الصفور لكن ليس بهذا الحجم

  4. Haitian Juba Nao

    The cell phone shop worker sucking the tip of the chemical sprayer, what is wrong with him

  5. hoooo I love my abueatiful Baghdad City

  6. إبن شــمــر

    Thank you for documenting the facts of Iraq in which the world believes that Iraq is a country of wars and there is no security and stability in it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

  7. هيلين بنت دليم

    جميع العراقين يشتركون بقناتك 😂😎

  8. Bruh you just give a 3x for a taxi driver

  9. عبوسي يحيئ

    😍You light up Iraq, my love

  10. أثير كاظم

    هذا ابو تكسي شكد قطهم 😂

  11. فوزي الجوراني

    will com to lraq Baghdad. lraq is your second and country

  12. Where can I get that necklace

  13. صهيب سالم

    علمو الجانب على تخين الشيشه اسو عاده

  14. رحلات الشتاء winter trips

  15. امير عدنان

    ماضحكني غير هذا اليكلهم الله بالخير

  16. سليم العبيدي

    هههههههههههه هههههههههههه هههههههههههه هههههههههههه هههههههههههه هههههههههههه هههههههههههه

  17. Faez Abdulkareem

    As a superstition, the Iraqis say the bird's poop brings good luck to you. It's like you'll get a good carriers in the near future.

  18. Were u surprised Mac …as an American how well u were treated in Iraq …considering what the Americans have done there over the last 10 years ?

  19. رائع جدا

  20. نوشي المنتقم

    شدعوه اطيتوه ٢٠ الف كروته ١٠ الاف

  21. أطـياف 🇮🇶.

    Welcome to Iraq, but next time bring an interpreter with you so that you can move around easily and not face troubles 🇮🇶♥.

  22. ابو التكسي قطاهم خرررب 😆😆

  23. Welcome to you in our country you are the gust and we respect you ,thank you for vedio

  24. العراق بعده بخير 🥺❤️

  25. Sandus Sandy Slak

    Thank you very much to showing my Baghdad, I born their, it was more freedom for the women in my times and more Advanced in everything for life and construction in.

  26. العراق يرحب بلجميع

  27. 乡العہراقہ乡

    Welcome to iraq

  28. Khaled Alchhaza

    لقد عانى الشعب العراقي كثيرا من الحروب

    جميل أن نراهم يبتسمون

    حظأ سعيدا لك

  29. Did that guy just say Riyadh?😂
    It's iraq not saudi lmao

  30. Bro this isn't an army tank
    It's just a normal armoured car with professional police man in it
    For high security
    Cuz yk it's iraq
    Ik it's not dangerous anymore Not like when it was in 2014

  31. قطاهم ابو التكسي😂😂

  32. ابو تكسي قطعهم 15 الف يمعود اشجاك

  33. come here my beautiful city bhera

  34. وحيد كا القمر

    اهلا وسهلا بك في العراق

  35. Welcome to Iraq

  36. قاسم محمد


  37. يكللهم الله بالهير😂

  38. حيدر حميد

    Hey, welcome to my country, be safe and have fun!🌹 🇮🇶🌹

  39. الله بالخير …

    حبيبي 🤝😂

  40. Welcome to Iraq.❤️

  41. محمد جاسم التميمي العراقي

  42. علوش علوش

    Welcome to your country

  43. القيثارة الخضراء

    13:55 Iraqis consider bird droppings a good sign, and most likely money will come to you. These are Iraqi beliefs from ancient times – in general, this is a nice Iraqi way to ease resentment for those who get this suddenly from sky just like you lol – Welcome to Baghdad bro.

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